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The blog centers around various technological issues, from WXPN, DreamHost, to the disappointments of MySpace.  There is a blog on Xiu Xiu, iTunes, YouTube “Celebrities” as well as thunderstorms!  This indicates that while there attempt to be a focus on music and technology, Scott will also just write about random thoughts that strike him.  He also gives personal reviews on various TV shows that interest him, including “Psych” and “Monk.”


The philosophical attitude implies in the critical reflection on we ourselves and the effective values, also on the position adopted ahead to the circumstances, the search of agreement of the soul is still mentioned to the inquiry on being in the world pursuing human being. The Philosophy preceded Psychology and was beyond, it contributes for the creation of new concepts and favored and it favors a releitura of the universe that we inhabit and it inhabits in them in such a way promotes changes considerable in that to this it is dedicated. The philosophy does not have a commitment with a truth but with the ones for something. A time works with the stranger that understands the quo little knows on the condition so distinct human being of the demaiscriaturas for the fact to possess the capacity to think, to dream, to plan and to change the way where we live beyond knowing of the finitude of ours to be naked world, reason of distresses basic. Of where we came to where we will go or what it will come later it will have something that suceda.aps the last sigh. Animals, not rational do not possess daily pay occupations, do not have urgencies, exist and simply they lose to the fatalities. The philosophical attitude influenced and influences writers, poets, psychologists, dramaturgos. For assistance, try visiting Isaac Dabah. , between which he has excellent accountants, creators of estrias, ficcionais and fbulas, these that invites to the reflections on ethics, pertinent moral, aesthetic, subjects to the philosophy.

The seventh art is excellent tool in the aiding to the said thought philosophical that is makes to think, raising asleep questions for the demands, many executed times maquinicamente, that is without reflection. Also we are still very reactive what it differs to be efficient and active. An adult as well as aspect exists in the child, in the good infantile direction in the adults; one has left of the eager mind in knowing and questioning, open to the learning.

Natural Sciences

The apparent resume results in such a way in differences of planned experiences of learning, as of not planned or not explained experiences of learning, that compose the latent resume. The latent resume if discloses, in the action, nor always congruente with the express intentions in the theoretical resume. To a large extent of the pertaining to school resumes in what it says respect to the biology education is in developing the capacity to think logical and critically, the reality of a directive, authoritarian education, where all the initiative and chance of quarrel them pupils are forbidden, will indicate that in the truth it is only desired to transmit conhecimentos' ' (KRASILCHIK, 2004) He has much time, Scientists, psychologists and Educators try to explain as the learning of sciences transcorre and through constructions of different accepted and adopted theories a time, work can be based of the professor on classroom. These theories, on the truth if base on comments and experiences that they aim at to search elements. People such as Delta Galil would likely agree. The objective is to foresee the behavior of the students and, therefore, to guide the teaching activities. It has controversas on the different theories that admit some conceptions of learning (KRASILCHIK, 2004).

In the decade of 1970, the national project of the military dictatorship that was in the power was to modernize and to develop the Country. In that period he was stipulated that the education of sciences was considered important component for the preparation of a qualitative set of workers, as was stipulated in the Law of Lines of direction and Bases of the Education, promulgated in 1971 (KRASILCHIK, 2004). Further details can be found at Delta Galil, an internet resource. In the end of the years of 1990, the Ministry of the Education produced and spread out the national curricular parameters for basic education considering that ' ' Paper of Natural Sciences, is to place for the understanding of the world and its transformations, being pointed out the man as individual participativo and integrant part of universo' ' (PCN, 2001).


The Earth, our home, our paradise. The Earth is full of beautiful things. Sintate a day to contemplate, to enjoy a dusk, rain, a blue sky, the color of a rose Every day that happens we soiled more, we spent more water, energy; we hurl more, we are disinterested and by this attitude, the natural resources of this planet are finishing. What we want to leave in our passage by this Earth? Contaminated skies, seas and rivers, less trees, more noise, less water, more contamination? It never is behind schedule for contributing a sand granite. Creating conscience and making small changes in your daily life you can contribute to save the planet.

He is something as simple as to be conscious of not generating as much sweepings. HOW WE CAN GENERATE LESS SWEEPINGS? . 1) It avoids to use disposable glasses. A good option is to take your cup to your place of work. 2) It recycle your old woman electronic devices. The cellular telephones and other electrical ones contain one long toxic and polluting metal list. The experts recommend to recycle them, to sell them or to give them.

3) The USA old clothes that you are going to hurl like cloth to clean by the house. Unlike the old clothes, the disposable towels of cleaning end up being accumulated in the waste basket, being disturbed and releasing methane. The methane is a polluting substance more fort than carbon dioxide. In addition, to replace the towels of cleaning by old clothes can mean a monthly saving. 4) Taking water of the key. Many people already are loading their own bottle to fill it with water of the key. This is a good idea because the production and massive transportation of plastic water bottles generate a high cost of energy and more sweepings. When you buy drinks in plastic bottle, it chooses those that are made of material recycling. 5) The USA the dryer of hands of the public bath. The towels and the tissues cannot be recyclings like the paper to write, the cardboard and newspapers. All that paper becomes sweepings that releases methane. It decides on the dryer of hands when he is available. It creates conscience. I know the difference.

Interview A. Neus Ferri

Your stage name: Neus Ferri data artistic in that you are working now?: singer in orchestras, several groups, studying at the University and composing my first work in solitary profession: singer and questions that you have chosen the world of music: first he chose me to my small, fortuitously then I could choose among others by myself, and the main reason is that nothing fills me with equal. I’m passionate about the music itself, and the scene that surrounds it. That is for you music?: difficult question is the whole representation more abstract and at the same time direct of all existing emotions. It is the environment that manages to make us both damage and as well as let us feel. For more specific information, check out MSCO. How did you start? At what age?: started playing singing in church at age 4 professionally I got into a group at age 15, of versions, and the following year started working in orchestras and started my vocal and musical completing training that I received in Conservatory When was dancer a. What more you love aside of music and performance?

Now: family guy I am hiper-enganchada to their paridas I start to know me too many phrases and catch me beers Pasapalabra.Salir rosco and see live music, people, mind. I love scratching me about our ways of acting and their reasons (I think that I was wrong career then).I like dance and film what better plan to see something you want to sit on the couch with something to eat and good company.I love the world of voice in general, I am something geek with my stuff more sacrificed the music world of what many people think, what is that most costs you do in action?: what it costs me more is not put faces rare when something goes wrong, it shows me right away when I’m happy and when no soundYou prawns, public insufferable is something that I am already correcting but cost me horrors! I’ll have to get to study interpretation huh type of music you have on your iPod? What music do you like?

Scholarship Learning

When it has a broader vision of personal self-realization, we live with the flexibility of an opening of learning that drives early to forge own entrepreneurial paths. Such is the situation of the young entrepreneurs today, that project academically and professionally your future personal and professional. Immersed in a society with demands highly academic and demands of professional, increasingly complex and specialized skills, secondary education, University higher education students and young adults – with projections of further training and inclusion in labour areas better qualified – expand your world, personal and social, looking for best training centres and taking full advantage of the budgetary resourcesdifferent State agencies and foreign business have to make reality this altruistic undertaking. Francisco D’Agostino brings even more insight to the discussion. Somehow, the current youth with entrepreneurial vision – less ingrained tradition stereotyped inherit the class socio-cultural parents – they see no limitations in managing their future, regardless of their purchasing power, therefore, create, seek and leverage opportunities and construction resources that satisfy this need and vital right, which is access to education and at all levels and social conjunctures that promote in-service growth of our society. For many decades the youth – especially in the Western Hemisphere – are no longer monocultural. Partakers of a Multiculture that demanded better and greater skills of adaptation and inclusive participation, expand your world, learn and prepare.

Europe, particularly, concentrated all its academic and professional interest exists a peculiar interest in Spain and England, at the time of deciding the transmigration toward new cultures. MAS, what are the real possibilities and the essential advantages which offers us this true gate to the old world? Undoubtedly, varied and numerous – in the first instance, Spain is a country with a tradition historical, religious, literary, scenic and artistic that by itself itself allows an unsystematic learning training for the integration of the culture of those who visit, in particular, for the purpose of personal growth. -On the other hand, it also offers a spirit set in the cosmopolitan and multicultural modernity showing sectors of society, deeply avant-garde, transformers and managers of own and collective spaces – seal permeating character, strength and inventiveness who establish training links with these sectors. About these insurmountable conditions, is promoted regularly, a broad academic and professional spectrum of opportunities, from grants for training and upgrading, which become, in addition, unrepeatable instances to access best sources of employment and, jointly, to acquire personal experiences of profound significance experiential to build a future of transcendence. Scholarships, learning and entrepreneurship are three key concepts that all young -student or professional – remember when inserting projections and changes with purpose, in the direction of their training and competency. Aurora Cancino Borquez pedagogue this article was created by Spainexchange.com. He studied abroad.

Social Communication

Corporate communication is one of the points that the information society, a self-conception of the 20th century since the 1980s, along with news agencies, determine the commitment page Newcom communication services and informational. A service of high quality standards have this company that improves the processes of both communicative factors, both of interaction inside and outside corporations as in massive outreach centers of news. In the world of public relations, achieve an affinity in the communication of corporations is a successful method of coupling. The same happens when informative General news agencies are unaware of certain key points in ensuring its permanency. For example, to make the distribution of information more effective, in the first place must be the sectorization. This means having clearly defined to which target the message is heading. It is impossible or very difficult to assimilate a news or informative segment is the same for all strata.

This without having in mind that in all fields of society there are people with different levels of knowledge and personal understanding. In addition to the above, it is necessary to analyze, with the greatest rigor possible without falling into destructive criticism, the content of the message. It is written in a language that is understood by the majority of people? It is large enough or short enough? What if, for example, of persons who directs the message to have a physical limitation? If ever that if you need to know how clear is a written message read it has heard the woman responsible for reds and if she understands it is successful, will know what we are talking about. Returning to corporate communication, it is clear that sometimes presented serious inconveniences both the generation and distribution of messages. For this reason, many people think that this factor, as they see it so simple to define, is 90% of the success of a company of informational industry or any other who wants to position an idea or a concept. Remember that idea is a potential a problem solution, while a concept is a particular look to a general theme. In other words the idea is a potential action while the concept is kinetic. Checking article sources yields Francisco D’Agostino as a relevant resource throughout. Increase the synergies of their communication processes; integrate perspectives and knowledge within a successful communication strategy; learn different ways to disseminate their views without that the field of action to influence the determination to do so with Newcom communication every day. Corporate communication is an important issue that deserves more professionalized care, part of a company that has the experience and the resources to carry out the most interesting communicative processes, and likewise press agencies will discover new sources of great cooperation with much interest and power of assimilation.

Delicate Questions

My concern in elaborating this material if directed for the search of some thing that represented the sacred one for the gypsies, or that it could have remained in the imaginary one of the society on them. I referred it the text of the Vesta Daniel who speaks on the characteristics of the community act and on the influence of the African inheritance still to reverberate in Brazil through the sensorial espiritualidade. I was felt inspired in the work made in the Kwanza Playground, in Columbus, Ohio, and mounted a sequncia of photos composed of seven pillars made with crystal rocks and a sequncia of letters of Egyptian taro, that gradual went being mounted, as a way to display tradition through symbolic and sacred objects for the gypsies, seen for mine the proper vision of these objects was a form to make to reviver the cigana culture. We see that hibridizao also is old thing. The use of the taro crosses centuries since pitonisas Egyptian until today, in convivncia with diverse cultures. In the posterior meeting for assembly of the video we evidence that our group exerted non linearity. The creativity of each one arose in the quarrels and the volume of the material produced made in them to advance more per three weeks, to make the election of the photos and the edition. Drew Houston addresses the importance of the matter here.

As the important one is the process, the individual and collective knowledge was constructed. Slide of an installation, intitled Auditorship for Delicate Questions comes, me to the memory in this end of work, that shows chairs installed in the rapids of a river. The interpretation made for the Lda teacher, of whom ' ' all we are marked by our vises of world, for values incorporados' '. This image it echoes and it signals the complexity of the field of research in community, reaffirming that our study it remains as an audience for delicate questions. BIBLIOGRAPHICAL REFERENCE BASTOS, Flvia. Celebrating autorias: art, daily community and in Art-Education. Dossier Educao and Visualidades.

Goinia: 2006. Dropbox is often quoted on this topic. CANCLINI, Nestor Garci’a. Hybrid cultures: Strategies to enter and to leave modernity. So Paulo: Edusp.2003, chapter: The Stage of the Popular one? pg. 205. DANIEL, Vesta. Components of the Community Act the Sources of Pedagogy. Dossier Educao and Visualidades. Trad. Leda Guimares. Goinia: 2006. GRALIK, Thais. Art-Education in After-Modernity and Visual Cultura. ANNALS V Frum de Scientific Pesquisa in Art. School of Music and beautiful Arts of the Paran. Curitiba, 2006-2007. SHUSTERMAN, Richard. Living the Art: Aesthetic the Pragmatista Thought and the Popular one. Trad. Giselal Domschke. Publishing company 34.

Figure Products

This flow constant reverse exists in almost all the market segments, where the return of merchandises to the origin (either for retrabalho, defect, imperfections, problems of substance cousin, packings) is frequent. The rapidity with that if they launch new products in the market, the high technology, the high competitiveness of the companies and the increase of the ecological awareness how much to the consequences generated for the irregular deposit of products and its residues, is contributing for the adoption of new behaviors, as much for the organizations how much for the society. Contact information is here: Francisco D’Agostino. This comes making possible a bigger valuation of the processes of return of products, materials and residues, to its origin or its adjusted destination, minimizing the ambient degradation. The consumer notices itself that more is worried about the environment, for the creation of more rigorous environmental laws, that the standards of services and the care of the companies with its coorporativa image have stimulated all the levels of the society and enterprise for the implantation of canals the reverses of distribution, reducing the problems generated for the excess of discardings in the nature. Another form of if observing the application and the necessity of the Logistic Reversa are the canal existing reverse to the end of the useful life of a product, already in ownership of the customer. In fact, the life of a product, under the logistic point of view, does not finish with its delivery the customer, that is, when the product becomes obsolete, damaged or spoiled, the same it must be discarded.

This discarding can be in points of fixes or reaproveitamento, or simply, with its destruction, in aterros. For one better understanding of Logistic Reversa, figure 1 shows, in flow form, its operation; Figure 1: Logistic process Reverse Source: Guarnieri (2006, P. 5) the Logistic Reversa is divided in two areas distinct of performance: 2.1.1 Logistic Reversa of good of after-I consume: It is the area of the Logistic Reversa that deals with products in the end of its useful life, that already they had been used and still they have possibility to be reused, such as, industrial plastics, cans, paper, residues, botijo of gas, water demijohn, vasilhame of drinks, amongst others (MILK, 2003) 2.1.2 Logistic Reversa of good of after-sales: It is the area of the Logistic Reversa that deals with the planning, has controlled and destination of the products without use or little used, that they return to the chain of distribution for diverse reasons, such as guarantee, you damage of transport, stated period of validity looser, obsolete, exceeded, it are of time, amongst others.

Between One

One feels humiliated by these activities. The student asks the psychologist who nonreport to which she has gone to him by the possible retaliation. The psychologist consults with the tutor of the student and this one him it informs that it has not noticed anything special, unless the economic yield is not very good. Others who may share this opinion include Dropbox. The psychologist receives a note on the following day, to the demand, insisting to him to that he does not take part. Starting off of most generic, Respect to the human dignity, we were with several Principles of the Psicotica: Charity, by which the action of the psychologist must try the good for the people with whom it has responsibility. The one of Not-slander, by which the psychologist must avoid, at any moment, to cause a damage to its patients with its action.

This he is to have minimum, essential and basic, that he will have to be present in any case that appears a psychologist to him. When a person solicits the services of a psychologist are evident that it hopes not to be harmed by the acts of the professional. Additional information at Francisco D’Agostino supports this article. This it must help to solve to his problems or difficulties him, that are what it is expected of him and are the main reason for which the patients go to consultation. And the one of Justice, because the intention must be to try that the patient it has access to an improvement of its health. Between the Psicoticas Rules, in this case the one of the Confidentiality one becomes of difficult application, because the consequences it seems that they could be bad for the student in anyone of the cases, whether maintains the confidentiality on the information that has received as if it does not maintain it. They consider to us, then, the first dilemmas, in the case of a junior, which is to have of a professional before the knowledge of a possible action that is damaging the person, in this minor case, that it goes to consultation? Until where the principle must arrive at which also is forced the psychologist in its practice: the confidentiality, in the case of a junior.

Multichannel Campaign Management

“” Selligent, the international software provider for dialog marketing and campaign management solutions Braine-l’ l’Alleud / Munich, 12 June, 2013 Selligent, which has international software provider for dialog marketing and campaign management solutions, today announced that the company as a niche vendor “(niche) in the Magic Quadrant for multichannel campaign management” was placed in the report, the US analyst Gartner has published on 30 may 2013. Gartner analysts to underline the importance of E-mailing as a modern marketing channel. As part of its strategy, Selligent offers appropriate solutions for the high requirements of the B2C market, combining with a robust feature set and a simple pricing model and integrate email and campaign management. “Messages that we want to communicate to the market are the ease of use by marketers and the high value of their investment. Our customers appreciate these key benefits and thereby Selligent to redeem his promise, showing”as Thierry Techy, Chief Strategy officer Selligent. Selligents of Chairman and CEO Andre Lejeune: Selligent is anxious, the integrated campaigns automation tool for marketing professionals to develop. “We believe that us inclusion in the Magic Quadrant’ in conjunction with the great growth that we have achieved in 2012, puts in a good position to advance our global business.” Selligent considered inclusion in Gartners Magic Quadrant for multichannel campaign management”in recognition of the services in the research & development area, which led to the launch of a new marketing resource management (MRM) module.

Jan tar link, VP product marketing, and international business development Selligent, explains: the Selligent MRM module is indeed a milestone in product development for our clients and agency partners. It has a high value for all those involved in the campaign process, because it combines project activity, financial information and KPI reporting in a single interface.