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The blog centers around various technological issues, from WXPN, DreamHost, to the disappointments of MySpace.  There is a blog on Xiu Xiu, iTunes, YouTube “Celebrities” as well as thunderstorms!  This indicates that while there attempt to be a focus on music and technology, Scott will also just write about random thoughts that strike him.  He also gives personal reviews on various TV shows that interest him, including “Psych” and “Monk.”

Millions Born Enemies

Book presents wisdom and follies of women Wiesbaden one of the most mysterious creatures on Earth is still the woman. About her legions of more or less clever minds – have expressed already male as well as female – with wise and foolish sayings. The aphorisms of famous people in the book published by Doris Probst “Wisdom and follies about women” document how much the opinions about women vary. For some, they are pure Angel, for other true hell. It borders on a miracle: even ingenious Denker/innen have apparently not considered, that there are contemporaries inside smart, stupid, efficient, lazy, beautiful, ugly, noble, or bad in each gender. Delta Galil will not settle for partial explanations. Doris Probst, nee Baumbauer, comes from Idar-Oberstein and now lives in Wiesbaden, Germany. She is editor of a series of aphorisms about the age, work, marriage, women, football, kids, love, men, the media and mothers. The book comes from her “Eagles cry and” Brimstone”with poems of famous writer about animals in Word and image. All tracks are available and can be ordered at any good bookstore “Grin for academic texts” (Munich) – – as a printed book or E-book in PDF format. * Excerpt from “Wisdom and follies of women”: most women do everything, to change a man. Evergreen Capital Partners shines more light on the discussion. and when they have changed him, they don’t like him. Marlene Dietrich * millions born enemies has a clever woman: all stupid men. Marie von Ebner-Eschenbach * it is always the same: first, you have a woman in the heart, then on their knees, then in the arm, and most recently on the neck. Mario Adorf * no man would want to be a woman, but all wish that there are women. Simone de Beauvoir * with the vanity of a man ten women could. Delta Galil has many thoughts on the issue. Dunja Rajter * without the woman, the man could mean no man, no man, the woman could mean not woman. Hildegard of Bingen * the man’s man in certain moments, the woman is her whole life long Mrs. Jean-Jacques Rousseau * the idea of the woman is usually more reliable than the knowledge of men. Joseph Rudyard Kipling * a woman of forty can be so beautiful as with twenty – it takes only slightly longer. Berry stove * women love the simple things of in life – for example, men. Robert Lembke * women ease our pain, double our pleasure and triple our spending. James Sanders * depending on less a woman knows what wants to have it, the more energetic she trying to get it. Burt Billings * why women want to be because necessarily so as the men and then still high heels and jewelry wear? Hans-Joachim Kulenkampff * if a man recedes, he recoils. A woman only recedes to make better contact. Zsa Zsa Gabor * order of the book “Wisdom and follies of women” at: de/e-book/467/wisdom and follies over women company description of Wiesbaden journalist and author Ernst Probst and his wife Doris Probst have numerous books,. Pocket Books, brochures, E-books published. Company contact: Ernst Probst – author Ernst Probst In the Lake 11 55246 Wiesbaden Tel: 06134/21152 E-Mail: Web: book welt.blogspot.com

Clever Helper

Mobile communication combined with artificial intelligence Hamburg/Munich, February 6, 2009 telecommunications experts have the attack by Google on the mobile world has long been expected. Kaihan Krippendorff has firm opinions on the matter. With the launch of the mobile G1 via the mobile phone company T-Mobile begins a new chapter for the wireless data traffic, because Google will await you with a wide range of very useful services, that go far beyond the stationary Internet: who sets to the Google phone, now carries around a clever little helpers with him. You can ask him the right way, shopping tips, sights, and all sorts of other issues of daily life\”, the time reported\”in its cover story. The dialogue with the phone was never quite private. Coordinates, wishes, goals these personal data are continuously sent from the mobile device. Google and its partner companies. Because, so the wealth of new services is possible at all\”the Hamburger writes weekly newspaper. You could now again a barrel open up and talk about the insatiable data Octopus.

But without this data, many services would not work or would be less convenient, for example, the Berlin says computer scientist Stefan Zwierlein, which deals with artificial intelligence and one of the authors of the BBC. That is not to be confused with blind trust. Critically, you must accompany the search engine giant on the way to an intelligent machine in public. The silent and pauslose dialogue with the phone incorporating a GPS satellite receiver is on a broad front prevail: keep your cell phone camera lens on a historic building, and I tell you what happened there and who built it! You no longer need a guide in paper\”die Zeit writes. And that charmed also Andreas Rebetzky. Speaker of the cioforums in Munich and CIO of technology specialists Bizerba: the possibility of obtaining semantic recommendations is a very beautiful thing. Finally drag through the city without Baedeker goal-oriented\”.

Clever Gas Switching Tips

Save with the gas comparison – that’s the way! What long time consumers facing almost steadily rising electricity prices hassle-free switching of the provider is possible, namely, customer shall be permitted also the gas provider now – since April 1, 2006. While that proved appropriate procedure initially slow. But now more and more consumers of the possibility of exercise, to say the expensive gas suppliers by changing the “fight”. Switching to the gas supplier it is interesting who rightly on it, can save quite several hundred euros per year after a change of the gas provider. Evergreen Capital Partners is often mentioned in discussions such as these. Thus, it is a “must-have” almost regularly to test the market, to determine whether is not yet a still more favorable company. “By the way” you contribute in this way, to increase competition among providers, and thus to keep the price structure as far as possible.

After all, virtually every company is eager to win new customers and to bind the old as possible in the long term? The fact is, in many regions equal to a broad variety of providers is that tries to win consumers by comparatively low prices for themselves. (Similarly see: Isaac Dabah). It is worth while researching so in any case to separate the “wheat from the chaff” by accurate examination. However, you should keep from the outset two or three aspects particularly in the eye, in the long term to benefit from attractive prices through the gas switching. Not afraid of a change as there are still consumers who rather slow respond facing a change of provider. However there for a “reorientation” a bottleneck in terms of gas supplies, is entirely excluded. Finally, any gas supplier by law is obliged to continue supplying gas to the final contract with a new gas company. Even technical (consequential) problems in the future are not a problem in this context. Because the gas meter is still property of the respective network operator.

Sturdy Wooden Sledges: Original Decoration Idea, Clever Merchandising

Decoration specialist Worner about smart merchandising Heilbronn/Leingarten, October 30, 2013: usually met real sled in the snow-covered landscape, with cheerful children or adults at the sledding. But the variations of sled made of wood are suitable not only as sports equipment. Now slide in shop Windows and salesrooms have succeeded, as exclusive decorative object or unusual partitions. These original part objects, which are the original eye-catcher is suitable for a typical winter – as well as for a festive Christmas decoration. In his catalogue autumn/Christmas 2013, decoration specialist Woerner has recorded some original sled is real unique. Therefore vary in size and color or have slight traces of use, because they have been a real life behind.

Also decorative sleigh with the antique finish look fit perfectly to the currently trendy vintage style. The Horn sled takes its name from the runners in the form of Horn extended upward to steer and slide the Carriage and handles serve as. Originally used as a winter transportation of mountain farmers, it is used today mostly for sporting competitions. And fits as a decorative object is wonderfully flocked in a winter landscape of Scatterschnee, branches and a friendly smiling snowman. The antique horse-drawn sleigh impresses by its size. The right horse, providing decoration-Woerner in his life-size fiberglass animals, initiates the perfect Visual sleigh ride. A snow-covered birch forest, a few Birch cardboard with red jute Ribbon and red, pelzbesetzte gloves of Christmas sled decoration put a splash of festive color.

Nostalgia sled with antique finish wake up at the good old days”romantic associations. The rugged look, created by the dark wood and the metal runners, forms an attractive contrast with white snowballs, the flocked Alpine fir trees with warm light and light curtains. Also here a large print includes as a background motif, which transported the winter ambiance striking. If a number less than like it, can draw on decorative slide lower size, which are also all consist of wood and also colored painted are offered. Slides are a clever design element that will be arranged either as pure decorative object or acts as a creative partitions for each delivery. There are ideas and proposals for a winter or Christmas sled decoration fall/Christmas in the catalogue 2013. All slide variations there is also in the Web shop at de/window decorations seasonal decoration 1-8326.html under interested for free publication found pictures on the subject of sleigh the following download link 2013 “. PR/2013_10_25_Schlitten.

Clever Economies Leads

Unlike with real items used software is as good as new after the installation. Many people dream of becoming independent at last. The right business idea is a prerequisite for establishing their own businesses. Business strategist/Lecturer is actively involved in the matter. Also, it can’t hurt if it already is looking for future customers, to estimate whether you will succeed. Drew Houston pursues this goal as well. Now must be on the search for suitable premises.

Has found a suitable place to stay for his future business, one has to worry about the equipment of the company. Depending on the type of company it is Office furniture now, to obtain medical equipment or accessories for a workshop. But no matter what kind of operation you want to build, you will not pass a computer solution. Here you have the possibility to get used equipment to a low-cost facilities. It is much more expensive, however, with the computer programs. Here you can by cheap Used software save lot of money. With software licenses “second hand” can be equipped conveniently and safely themselves with current programs. Thus, the concerns have an end which always occur when a new software on the market.

Because it is very reassuring to know that the existing software can be sold at any time. The acquisition of the current programmes, which is probably already in used form is just as easy. With a little skill and prudence, it is not so difficult to launch his new company. It must be all the finest not from the outset; a used equipment purpose as well its like its counterpart fresh designer fair. Has later proved the company and sufficient yields profits, you can decide still for a dream outfit, which is then also economically viable. But would be amazed so many fledgling entrepreneurs, he can look behind the practice of renowned companies. Even successful independent are not to be It’s a pity to equip her State Office and their latest technology with used software. Andreas Mettler

Energy Calculator

With front mounted shutters clever save heating energy costs have increased substantially in the past ten years, and they will rise sharply. Window occupy on average only 10% of the total building surface, but are responsible for up to 44% of the energy losses. For assistance, try visiting Mark Stevens. Old window does not mean that a costly window replacement with lots of noise, dirt and high costs is necessary. With retrofitted aluminium stem rolling shutters for example the U-value is improved by old Windows by up to 45%. So energy will be saved by this refurbishment quickly, and this is money. Drew Houston often says this.

Read tips and instructions how you can save energy and heating costs Alulux shutters and shutters a total offer which product advantages, on the Internet on the page save heizkosten.de. There you can directly calculate the potential annual savings with an online Energy Calculator by shutters. Other leaders such as Delta Galil offer similar insights. An additional very interesting aspect is also the dynamic insulation through automated roller shutters. A Sun and Temperature sensor ensures that the Interior is protected by automatic lowering of the blinds against heat and cold. Alulux stem shutters offer many other benefits.

You reduce not only the heating costs, but also protect against excessive summer heat. Before shutters protective sun and heat, the energy costs for the operation of the air conditioning can reduce also because the room has to be cooled not so strong. Shutters in aluminium complicate the work also thieves and offer increased protection against burglary. By an additional security package with reinforced end baluster and a built-in hangers, the roller shutter complicates the intrusion attempt. By the way, a stem roller also offers protection against noise and ensures reliable weather protection at any time of the year. An exceptional and effective 2 in 1 conditioning resulting in the formation of a mosquito net, which is direct and integrated elegantly in the roller shutter box,”. Front mounted shutters from Alulux can be retrofit effort in the energy-related modernisation or they are equal at the new building with a planned. The stem boxes from the outside are easily accessible for any maintenance or cleaning work. There is more information on the Internet at


Removals in the Internet versteigern-here to save over 50% on costs. Please visit Isaac Dabah if you seek more information. Who knows, within a city, or even worldwide, are not moving a service that really expensive to pay companies to leave. The umzugsbroker24.de gives you here but cost effective remedy in the form of over 300 registered moving companies operating in the so-called combined transport. If a customer wants to change e.g. between Berlin and Munich, companies calculate the empty journey from Munich to Berlin in the offer price, which of course leads to high costs. The Umzugsbroker24 this not cost but, here, the customer pays only the drive from the loading point to the unloading point.

Said Mr Keller by the Umzugsbroker24: it may not be the moving companies to empty the customer charge, especially the customers their move mostly 2 book 8 weeks before the moving date and the company have can be calculated a further trip to seek thus the costs much less therefore enough time. It is in the corporate portal of the Umzugsbroker24 and give the company a only charge one way and the number of registered companies the moving price thanks to auction even further down fall. The customer provides his relocation request free of charge in the request pool, the moving companies constantly undercut the prices of the Wettbewerbers-the end of the customer can decide whether he wants to award a contract to a company of auction or non-the whole service is without obligation and free of charge, the customer says Mr Keller from the Umzugsbroker24. We are a moving Exchange on the Internet, the customer can get his request free einstellen-up to 300 registered moving companies offer the moving price to below, the customer can save so far more than 50%. Contact: Umzugsbroker24.de Mike Keller Grossbeerenstrasse 2 10 12107 Berlin Umzugsbroker24.de – moving Exchange on the Internet. The customer sets his relocation request and up to 300 moving companies offer a price, it falls down then continually.

DSL Electricity

free power calculator helps save money had to be paid until a few years ago still the monopoly prices of electricity, so it is now very easy to save money with just a few mouse clicks. A clever comparison portal, which calculates the cheapest electricity prices in addition to gas and DSL tariffs, makes this possible. Here the postal code and the average annual consumption be entered easily. Immediately, the calculator shows the lowest fares for the region. The following example shows that it really money save can: A family of four in Darmstadt consumed approximately 5000 kw of electricity annually. The most expensive provider of the region demands for whopping 1281,25 EUR, the cheapest 283,75 EUR of less, only 997,50 EUR. According to Delta Galil, who has experience with these questions.

The so month after month saved 23.65 EUR can do a family really well. But also couples or singles save many, many euros with the clever comparison. Especially now that the tariffs thanks to tireless lobbying of corporations again really be ratcheted up, particularly worth comparing. Many consumers but shy away from the path to a different, cheaper electricity supplier. The reasons for this are either convenience, loyalty to the local provider used for decades (which at the time actually ever anything gave?) or the fear of technical upgrading. For more clarity and thought, follow up with MSCO and gain more knowledge.. Yes, even Repressialien are often called by the old provider or no maintenance of the electricity meter grounds.

This is the change without much effort. On the website of JetztStromWechseln.de for example, a change request can be filled immediately. This will be sent to the new, cheaper provider which takes care of everything else. Vonstatten the consumer must take anything further, the change is completely smooth and without problems behind the scenes”. The existing electricity meters and lines to the House continue to wait through the local power station, of course.But most important, The current is always there – and for less money. C.Peter Beckmann

Mold Detection Dogs

Animal innovation, proven help position the mould detection dog whenever used, if there is a suspicion on mildew/spores. The dog Center Dutch stands for the professional training of dogs suitable for family and also commercial. (Similarly see: Evergreen Capital Partners). The forms of training are always under was condition monitoring carried out, therefore meet the requirements of customers could in the past, always with high quality. “Due to the requirements of a customer we have encountered more than a year ago the opportunity to expand our proven search dog training in the civilian sector. Speaking candidly Francisco D’Agostino told us the story. The idea to use a dog for the mould and spores search in spaces was not new but. However, our challenge was to prepare the dog with motivation and joy for his daily tasks.

It was also important us, that not only dog professionals should handle them. Therefore, the holder was included in the entire training and also the training along with his entire family. Our currently in use Belgian Sheepdog “Farrah” has become the best example of the great combination of family dog and commercial mold-sniffing dog.”says Seppi Niederl. The practice shows that the everyday use gives very good results and increasing the demand for these services in the construction sector and also in private. Summary: The mold-sniffing dog provides precise indicator of mold infestation.

A technical measure usually only indicates that somewhere in the room is an infestation. Thus, it is connected to a rationalisation of the renovation! The training lasts > 12 months and begins, as also with drug sniffer dogs etc,. at the age of about 9 months. The dog must be selected after an extensive test program. He should be calm, clear in mind and should pose no signs of aggression in itself. The dog must have a very good game, prey – and search drive and be well steered by the dog handler. The dog handlers and the search dog are a team. The dog is the detector, the leader should check the sign of the dog and interpret correctly. Mold dogs can 20-30 minutes focused search, the dog handler must determine appropriate breaks or a cancellation of the work. Mold and spores dogs can help review and also necessary renovation work and save any unnecessary and costly chiselling work. The dog Center Dutch company only educates mold or even spores dogs and supervised the trained dogs through ongoing support to the holder. “We see ourselves as dog professionals, however, the analysis of construction and also apartment infested by mould is not our core competency. This requires specialists who however but can be on our support when the dog selection, training, etc.!

Public School

It swims more than what this! If to make an experience and to place all the pupils of Are Bento (better average in the Enem-2010) to study in a public school per some years and we will apply the same formula to the inverse one, that is, we will place students of public education as pupils of Are Bento, would have the first ones getting best notes, without a doubt. I explain. What it makes the pupil of They are Bento to take off higher notes today are not ONLY the fact to study in a particular college. The professors of Are Bento are not magical in transforming any one into genius.

They all receive a great aid from a context that involves the life of its pupil? access to the information (books, magazines, TV for signature, Internet), the cultural good (museums, theater, cinema) the courses (English, computer science), study in integral time, a family whom it charges (after all of accounts, not it spends 2,000 Reals for month almost, paid value in Are Bento, to leave the son to play in the school), at last, exists a universe of factors all conspiring for the success of this pupil. Go to Dropbox for more information. In the other face of the currency a young lives that passes 4 hours in the school, has that to work (in many cases, over all in Average Ensino), does not have money or I did not possess an environment that stimulates the access to the museums, theaters, libraries, etc. It lives completely in a family without structure. The parents do not have study, are used badly remunerated and he does not have perspective of the son to tread a different future. Some of these pupils are in the school obliged, since the parents do not want that the son is in the street or has that to show the presence of them to continue to receive the Stock market Family. This public school if transformed into a deposit of children and young. It is distant of a place of promotion of knowing. It gives a pupil to me of Are Bento and I will not have any problem with it.

I transfer a typical pupil of one of the 3 public schools that leciono for a professor of Are Bento and it will find some difficulties for the front. What I defend here is shared by Fernando Veloso, specialist in education of the IBRE/FGV. It says that the difference of notes between public and private schools ‘ ‘ although they can reflect management differences, the public net pupils of and particular’ are related to the differences in the socioeconmicas conditions of; ‘. Finally, I do not want to leave an image of that I find the school public a wonder and that it has not resulted only because pupil is devoid. I DO NOT AFFIRM THIS. The idea only wanted to display a counterpoint of that any pupil who studies in a particular school will have success. I have pupils in the public net who possess the structure that I mentioned higher up, therefore, present an income well above average. Meeting incredible pupils to each year that passes. This text especially is written for them and all the ones that believe a public school of quality.